Thursday, 9 October 2008


It's been ages since I posted my first blog because, really, I just forgot. I thought I would start updating this thing quite regularly now because I've started making videos on youtube, so to conform with the rest of sociaty within youtube I'll try and keep this thing going.
This isn't really the best time to be writing this as it's going really slow because I can barely type with my left hand. If you know anyone who has had the hpv(cervical cancer) Injection, you will know why, from the constant moaning that their left arm really hurts. OMG MINE HURTS SO MUCH IT'S ACTUALLY REDICUL-ARSE. Only a month left untill the next one :(
Anyway, stuff going on. I recently had a job interview for my local branch of Adams the childrens clothing shop. T'was alright but really weird, they asked me all about childrens fashion and all I could think of was that Colour was in fashion 0___o
Okay, I'm done

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