Saturday, 28 February 2009

Almost forgot

that I need to blog. That's a first, usually I do it quite early before I have time to do anything so they're all really pointless.
Today I:

-Irl'd it up and spent vouchers on summery tops :)
-Ate my own body weight in Minstrels
-Ran up and down the stairs while eating said minstrels in the hope that I could burn them off as I ate them.
(-This resulted in me nearly choking)
-Finished Philosophers stone and started Chamber of secrets.
-Ate my last Peanut Butter KitKat
-Decided to become anorexic as of tomorrow.
-Watched trashy saturday night teevees
-Planned on being more sociable

Today has been weird. I'm perfectly content, but when I think about how I'm actually feeling in all seriousnesslike I feel down. IONO, I'll just not think about it and be happy, 'cos I don't have a good enough reason to feel like this.
Okay I'll stop going on about my stupid life now :)

Friday, 27 February 2009


So I just realised that I never reply to any comments made on here. Not that I get that many, but I actually don't know how to reply to the ones that I do get. Sorry >_<
Today I started re-reading the Harry Potter series ('cos ah' copy Lex) during some of my free lessons. That will take up my time now, instead of moaning about my life to you people.
Today my teacher said 'Do do'. I lolled. I got stared at by everyone. It was good times.
It's quite warm, it's nice. I think everyone has seen enough of me in giant hoodies anyway :)
This doesn't have much prose.

Thursday, 26 February 2009


I’m in school and I’m blogging. I’m cool.
We had single media instead of double ‘cos my media teacher is batty :) Well, batty in the sense that she is crazy and forgetful, she ain’t no batty boiii. She said next lesson we are going to deconstruct ‘Lads Mags’ together. D: I’m sure I’ll be cringing for the whole lesson. I say ‘cringe’ on here a lot, most likely because I’m a cringe worthy person. :)
I’m typing this in word and then I’m gonna copy it over so people don’t ask what I’m typing into. None of my nerdy friends are in here, just the ones that wear shorts in winter and don’t understand what the concept of the ‘internet’ is.
The main point of me saying that was to say that word is being annoying and trying to correct all my spelling and grammar and turn my smiley faces evil.
I did blogtv yesterday. I was not successful. I didn’t have anything to talk about and my netz died :( Everyone in there also heard me tell John Green’s hair to Fuck Off, it was meant in a loving way I assure you.
Oh yeah! My media teacher also called me ‘Death’ instead of ‘Beth’ I do hope it wasn’t intentional :(
I have double photography next where I shall meet my doom. Actually I don’t think I’ve had a photography lesson yet where I haven’t been missing a piece of work or not stuck to deadlines by a major proportion.
Okay I’ll go copy this in now.
I wish Twitter wasn’t blocked :(

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


So, do I write a blog or my 1000 word media essay?
I think you can tell what my answer was. I have no idea what to write in this essay either because instead of explaining, my media teacher spent our whole lesson on telling us how you can get video's of women sent directly at you.
Oh yeah, She's like 50 :)
I have failed at lent, I was supposed to not eat any junk. I stood in the kitchen for about 10 minuites debating whether I should eat, I'm now eating a peanut butter kitkat while writing this. Oh dear.
My mum's telling me funny stories from the staffroom. They're actually very unfunny D:
Yesterday on Twitter I asked what a Yam was. I found out it's an orange potato, but also a type of goat xD I don't even know why I asked.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I think I'm the only person who's not entirely sure what 'Hiatus' means, but I think it's volentary (OMG WHERE HAVE MY SPELLING SKILLZ GONE?!) my leave from the world of netz was not.
Don't be sending me the definition with a patronising undertone kthnx.
OOH, this sounds bitchy, I've lost the skill to blog in a non-angry way 0_o
SO ANYWAY, i managed to break our Bt homehub and it took til today for them to deliver a new one. I haven't been able to blog or daily booth which is -for someone who is slightly OCD- BAD :(
I hope if I carry on you will all forget this little episode of fail, and we can skip along into to sunset of daily blogging. Oh dear, maybe I have gone insane.
Sorry if there are any mistakes, I'm on crazy laptop with crazy keyboard. I'm pretty sure the keys are dancing and change around when I want to click them T_T
I thought that having no internet would mean that I would actually get some work done, but my brain told me that I should fill the extra hours with films, so I ended up watching all the Harry Potters which has made me excited about the 6th :D:D:D
I also went and met Mr Lawrencejob on Friday which was lovely <3 even though I had gammy foot. I still have a limp, it's lots of fun being mocked by your mental history teacher and you can't run away D:
SCHOOL (see what I did there with that swift link)
Yeah, I'm back at school today so I will be moaning lots as-per-usual. (should that be hifenated?(OMGSPELLING))
(We're in bracket city today)
I just had a cup of tea, and it was bottom of the kettle water so it was all lime-scaley. Mmm.

I should have loads to tell you about the last 5 days of my super-social-special-awesome life.
(We're in Hifen city too)
I don't, i didn't do much except complain about my lack of netz on twitter when i had free texts.
Yay, for lots of comments and subscribers and that, while I was gone <3

I really need to stop saying that.


Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ice Skating.

Ice skating is fun. For about five minuites.
I haven't been for like two years, but I remember being alright at it. However it appears that I have lost balance as I've gotten older as I nearly fell over just queuing up to get the boots.
Now I have a second left knee which is bright purple and two massive blisters on my feet. I don't understand how you could do this professionally, it's so painful. Effort much.
One of the 'ICE GUARDS' as their t-shirts suggested, decided to follow me around as she had decided that I was clearly a hazard. And as soon as I hit the floor, was there with her patronizing eyes until I stood up.
It was like being in Stretham, you shouldn't be allowed to pack that many people into one space. Hugh Fernly-Wittingstall should have been there trying to free us.
I also felt queazy for most of the day, So you can tell I've enjoyed myself.
My mum's trying to force me out job hunting tomorrow. No thankyou, motivation has been shunned by apathy once again.


Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Hello, I don't want to write this, I want to go bedtimes instead but I can't stop now while I'm actually suceeding.

Apparantly I'm a pimp.

Beth rhymes with Chef.

I'm going ice-skating tomorrow and someone else is paying <33


Okay I'll go...

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I was suposed to be productive today. I was going to go into school and print lots of photos, then go into town and give out loads of CVs, but I woke up feeling so sick, so I did neither.
I got alot media work done though so that's alright. I still feel quite sick, I really need to sort myself out. I'm so unhealthy that I just get ill every other day.
I may go job hunting tomorrow if I feel any better, I need to buy some glue aswell. This is just turning into a to-do list now :)
I'm chewing on a paperclip. That's healthy.
I want to film stuff for a video I've been making for about a week now, I just look disgusting :( Even though I've spent quite a while on this video, it's still going to be as shit as the rest, so don't be expecting anything good >_<
I've recently rekindled my love for the website 'Deviant Art' You should well check out my page ;) Ignore the username D: I made it when I was 14.

Okay, that's what's up with me. How about YOOH?


Monday, 16 February 2009


Did anyone else go to the Millenium Dome in 2000? (yes I did just have to google 'millenium' to spell it right) 'Cos I was looking through old photos from this computer and found this:

Which has to be the most amazing thing ever. I think it was some B.T stunt there, but I remember going into a little booth thing to have this done. BUT OMG EIGHT YEAR OLD ME IS IN SPACE WITH E.T
I was a funny looking 8yr old...
So, I wanted to post it here, in case years down the line it get's deleted from my computer. This is something I want to keep forever xD
Hey, I'm not doing too badly at this blogging every day malarky.

Sunday, 15 February 2009


Stolen off ze Nerimonz.

Elizabeth Porter.

2. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME (mother and father's middle names):
Ann Paul Bernard (my dad has two middles names, and LULZ Bernard xD)

3. NASCAR NAME (first name of your mother's dad, father's dad):
Andrew Pat

4. STAR WARS NAME (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name):
Porbe (I'm doing 'Beth' now, no one calls me Elizabeth)

5. DETECTIVE NAME (favorite color, favorite animal/bird):
Orange puppy. (LAME)

6. SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, town where you were born):
Ann Surrey (that's county rather than town but I still live about 2 minuites away from the actual town I was born in)

7. SUPERHERO NAME (2nd fav color, fav drink, add "THE" to the beginning):
The Green milkshake (wut?)

8. FLY NAME (first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name):
Beer (Omg, best one!)

9. ROCK STAR NAME (current pet's name, current street name):

10. PORN NAME (1st pet, street you grew up on):
Spyro stillonsamestreet

11. YOUR GANGSTA NAME (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle):

12. YOUR GOTH NAME (black, and the name of one of your pets):
Black Gordon

14. STRIPPER NAME (name of your fav perfume, fav candy):
TedBaker SoftMints (FAYL)

Valentines night.

I had a lovely time with my girlies, being sad and single in Macdonalds but laughing at the couples who had chosen Macdonalds to spend valentines day xD We drove around most of our area of Surrey singing all the songs on MagicFm and then got lost in a dodgy part of Wimbledon and thought we were all going to get raped. Funtimes. It was just like a movie :)
We then went back to Jenny and Imo's house and watched Dark Knight whilst eating After eight Ice cream <33
Got in about 12 and went to bed at like 1 but I think all the Ice cream infected my brains as I had a really weird dream. I was in Devon where I usually go with family friends in the summer and my friends Alice, Izzie and I had found a lagoon type thing and were just taking pictures of it and singing Kimya Dawson songs. Then there was an alert that a serial killer had escaped and then everyone just started disapearing until I was alone. Then I woke up. It was horrible :(
I've put aside today to just do nothing at all :) As I will be spending most of this week doing coursework.
I hope YOU have a nice day ^-^

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Daily Booth.

So yah, I've followed the crowd and joined this site it could be interesting, but I look so terrible everyday that people won't want to see.
So it's valentines day but I don't really care, it hasn't really triggered in my brain that today should be any different. I got some lovely texts from some of my friends this morning saying they loved me, which was nice. I'm glad I haven't recieved any chain texts/emails yet. Macdonalds drive through later! It's still exciting to have friends who can drive :D
Okay, that was todays entry, have a nice day :)

Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday the 13th.

Seeing as I'm horribly superstitous and terrified of everything, I wasn't terribly enthusiastic to get out of bed this morning. I supose nothing too bad happened.
This morning most of my 'crew' (crew meaning, my group of friends who joined through nerdiness and are also very lovely) went to Bhs to have breakfast because two of them work there and we all managed to get an 8 peice fry up £1.50 each using their staff discounts :D:D However on the way back we absent mindedly got on the bus the wrong way and went to tescos and had to walk up a massive hill to get back to school, barely in time for triple history.
At lunch alot of my friends left to go on a Ski trip over the whole of half term which sucks because I couldn't afford it and am very jelous. It's alright though 'cos my friends: Jenny, Imo and Geo didn't go either so we are having a girlie night tomorrow by going drive through macdonalds, then watching a film and eating ice cream <33
At least it will stop me from posting a depressing tweet every 5 seconds tomorrow.
Just as long as I don't get any bad luck it will all be peachy.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


So I just finished writing a media essay and not only is it the worst essay ever, it's also written in the worst hand writing ever. Now usually I wouldn't complain 'cos I know my writing is terrible, It's literally like I'm having some sort of stroke while I write it, but yeah. I could type it up, but it was really long, instead you can have an extract from it, to look at the appallingness.

OH DEAR, it might make some babies cry. Oh, if someone manages to read that they are going to be even more unimpressed. I haven't checked the grammar, DON'T JUDGE ME.

You can tell I have nothing to talk about. I'm finding it hard to hard to find stuff to blog about everyday.

Ah well, enjoy this nonsense.

Does anyone else find it really annoying that when you put images into a blog, everything becomes double spaced? >:[

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I have the biggest smile on my face right now and I have no idea why. I have nothing in particular to be happy about. To be honest, I've got a shit load of work to do, so much to organise with my life and I'm listening to some REET depressing songs.
I think I've just finally realised that I'm completely and utterly grateful that I'm alive, and I actually got the chance to be a human being. It sounds strange. Makes sense to me, I supose that's all that counts. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life, and I'm almost certain that I'm going to fail at nearly everything I attempt but I don't really care.
I have Itunes and a mug of tea. I'm just perfect for now, thanks :)

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Angel Delight

is the best thing in the world, ever.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Chomp chomp.

The title has nothing to do with what I'm going to say, but as I was trying to think of one I chomped some air. Yeah.
So, I thought I would quickly post something seeing as I have been blogging every day for a few days now and I wonder how long I can keep it up for.
-Made a new video :)
-Only ate an apple and dinner today.
-Made Twilight the new talking point of the common room.
Now I'm going to feed the fish.

Sunday, 8 February 2009


So basically, embarrasing things happen to me ona daily basis. I'm the person that everything happens to, but never all in one day. Until now... D:
So, I woke up today with mountains of stuff to do, but I promised my Nan I would walk her dogs (cos she has hurt her back and even though she has 15 other Grandchildren, I have been stuck with doing everything. It's fine, I'm happy to do it) and I walked all around the streets of my area and to one of the local parks. There were loads of people, even though it's freezing, and I had to walk through loads groups. Little did I know I had a HUGE rip in the bum of my jeans. D:
If that hadn't had looked stupid enough, my general non co-ordination and ice on the floor made me trip about 17 times and actually fall over twice. AND I managed to get an eyelash in my eye so I was squinting and twitching for the whole proceedings.
I should write into one of those 'Cringe Pages' in a magazine.
I was walking through the park and there was loads of fit lads, and the lad I've had a crush on for, like EVER. They was all laughing and I didn't know what was funny so I just smiled and I had broccoli in my teeth and then I fell over and then I realised I had a hole in my jeans and they could see my WELL embarrasing barbie pants and I went bright red and nearly died. OMGCRINGE.
Mcfly fan, Youtubopolis.
I might win a years supply of poundland vouchers.
I'm gutted about my jeans, they were nice.

I've been writing this instead of essays which is not good. You better appreciate this oppotunity to laugh at me, it's cost me valuable hot chocolate making times. I realised that I got my procrastination problem from my mum, as she has spent all day watching casualty and househunting programs, and whenever I mention her helping me with my passport forms she just mumbles somthing like 'Busy. Go away. In a minuite.' Rawr ¬_¬

Saturday, 7 February 2009


I had a really strange youtube dream last night. I was sitting in the corners of the room of like, every youtuber I know -It kept cutting between them- and I was watching them make their videos. No one knew I was there and I was just watching them from a different angle, which I found really cool. Then they started coming across my videos and being like WTF?! And just laughing at them. Then I was like 'Oh :(' and tried to run away from people's rooms but I couldn't escape. :/
You don't need a fancy dream interpretation book to work out that I think my video's are crap :)

In other news, I dislike Vodafone as I thought I would be getting free texts this weekend, but I have to wait until the 15th and I only have 8p of credit left >_<

Friday, 6 February 2009


Hello, It's freezing. I'm wearing just about all the clothes I own and I'm still extremely cold. Outside isn't fun any more, alot of the snow has melted so everywhere is either wet, or is covered in grey slush.
I haven't been up to very much I suppose. Got my photography exam topic yesterday, which is 'Discord' Hatehatehate :(
I've been drinking SO much hot chocolate it can't be natural. I don't know where I've got this craving from. At least it's better than eating loads of junk every 5 minuites. Saying that though, next to me I have both hot chocolate and a yumyum. Egypt diet is failing.
The bus I got back from town was ace, it was a new hightech one with a tv and cushy seats. I pretended I was on a rollercoaster. I lead a fun packed life...
My nose is burning, is this natural? Every time I yawn or if I'm about to sneeze my nose burns. Owie :( It also did it the other day when I was watching pulp fiction and the Mia woman snorts the Heroin thinking it was coke. I was like WTF? this is a film, go away burny nose. Maybe it's trying to convince to become a druggie.
I'm realling finding it hard to write this, words arn't coming out properly. So I shall stop.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I really don't understand how people can dislike snow. I think it's the most wonderfully magical thing ever. If I didn't like snow, I would be a very unhappy person.
I love how snow makes taking pictures of children acceptable, my neighbour was photographing me as I made a snowman in garden today. It's alright, he's 84.
I love how snow turns everyone into a child again. My older brother who's 19 was just as (if not more) excited as my 11 year old sister. I also danced and ran around alot ^-^
I love it was -2 degrees yesterday but I still spent 6 hours outside with my friends going up and down hills.
I love how snow makes everyone so generous and good spirited.
I love how no one cares about the snow scrooges >_<
I love how even though I woke up this morning with every part of my body aching, I still ran outside and jumped into a pile of snow.
I love how peaceful and quiet the roads and the people outside are.

If you hadn't noticed already, I love snow :)