Thursday, 26 February 2009


I’m in school and I’m blogging. I’m cool.
We had single media instead of double ‘cos my media teacher is batty :) Well, batty in the sense that she is crazy and forgetful, she ain’t no batty boiii. She said next lesson we are going to deconstruct ‘Lads Mags’ together. D: I’m sure I’ll be cringing for the whole lesson. I say ‘cringe’ on here a lot, most likely because I’m a cringe worthy person. :)
I’m typing this in word and then I’m gonna copy it over so people don’t ask what I’m typing into. None of my nerdy friends are in here, just the ones that wear shorts in winter and don’t understand what the concept of the ‘internet’ is.
The main point of me saying that was to say that word is being annoying and trying to correct all my spelling and grammar and turn my smiley faces evil.
I did blogtv yesterday. I was not successful. I didn’t have anything to talk about and my netz died :( Everyone in there also heard me tell John Green’s hair to Fuck Off, it was meant in a loving way I assure you.
Oh yeah! My media teacher also called me ‘Death’ instead of ‘Beth’ I do hope it wasn’t intentional :(
I have double photography next where I shall meet my doom. Actually I don’t think I’ve had a photography lesson yet where I haven’t been missing a piece of work or not stuck to deadlines by a major proportion.
Okay I’ll go copy this in now.
I wish Twitter wasn’t blocked :(

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And yay for random blogs. ^_^