Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ice Skating.

Ice skating is fun. For about five minuites.
I haven't been for like two years, but I remember being alright at it. However it appears that I have lost balance as I've gotten older as I nearly fell over just queuing up to get the boots.
Now I have a second left knee which is bright purple and two massive blisters on my feet. I don't understand how you could do this professionally, it's so painful. Effort much.
One of the 'ICE GUARDS' as their t-shirts suggested, decided to follow me around as she had decided that I was clearly a hazard. And as soon as I hit the floor, was there with her patronizing eyes until I stood up.
It was like being in Stretham, you shouldn't be allowed to pack that many people into one space. Hugh Fernly-Wittingstall should have been there trying to free us.
I also felt queazy for most of the day, So you can tell I've enjoyed myself.
My mum's trying to force me out job hunting tomorrow. No thankyou, motivation has been shunned by apathy once again.


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Samantha Downing said...

I haven't been ice skating in years, but the last time I went, I also wound up with a bright purple knee and blisters.

I would soooo go again, though. ^_^

But I still like in-line skating better.