Sunday, 8 February 2009


So basically, embarrasing things happen to me ona daily basis. I'm the person that everything happens to, but never all in one day. Until now... D:
So, I woke up today with mountains of stuff to do, but I promised my Nan I would walk her dogs (cos she has hurt her back and even though she has 15 other Grandchildren, I have been stuck with doing everything. It's fine, I'm happy to do it) and I walked all around the streets of my area and to one of the local parks. There were loads of people, even though it's freezing, and I had to walk through loads groups. Little did I know I had a HUGE rip in the bum of my jeans. D:
If that hadn't had looked stupid enough, my general non co-ordination and ice on the floor made me trip about 17 times and actually fall over twice. AND I managed to get an eyelash in my eye so I was squinting and twitching for the whole proceedings.
I should write into one of those 'Cringe Pages' in a magazine.
I was walking through the park and there was loads of fit lads, and the lad I've had a crush on for, like EVER. They was all laughing and I didn't know what was funny so I just smiled and I had broccoli in my teeth and then I fell over and then I realised I had a hole in my jeans and they could see my WELL embarrasing barbie pants and I went bright red and nearly died. OMGCRINGE.
Mcfly fan, Youtubopolis.
I might win a years supply of poundland vouchers.
I'm gutted about my jeans, they were nice.

I've been writing this instead of essays which is not good. You better appreciate this oppotunity to laugh at me, it's cost me valuable hot chocolate making times. I realised that I got my procrastination problem from my mum, as she has spent all day watching casualty and househunting programs, and whenever I mention her helping me with my passport forms she just mumbles somthing like 'Busy. Go away. In a minuite.' Rawr ¬_¬

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