Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I think I'm the only person who's not entirely sure what 'Hiatus' means, but I think it's volentary (OMG WHERE HAVE MY SPELLING SKILLZ GONE?!) my leave from the world of netz was not.
Don't be sending me the definition with a patronising undertone kthnx.
OOH, this sounds bitchy, I've lost the skill to blog in a non-angry way 0_o
SO ANYWAY, i managed to break our Bt homehub and it took til today for them to deliver a new one. I haven't been able to blog or daily booth which is -for someone who is slightly OCD- BAD :(
I hope if I carry on you will all forget this little episode of fail, and we can skip along into to sunset of daily blogging. Oh dear, maybe I have gone insane.
Sorry if there are any mistakes, I'm on crazy laptop with crazy keyboard. I'm pretty sure the keys are dancing and change around when I want to click them T_T
I thought that having no internet would mean that I would actually get some work done, but my brain told me that I should fill the extra hours with films, so I ended up watching all the Harry Potters which has made me excited about the 6th :D:D:D
I also went and met Mr Lawrencejob on Friday which was lovely <3 even though I had gammy foot. I still have a limp, it's lots of fun being mocked by your mental history teacher and you can't run away D:
SCHOOL (see what I did there with that swift link)
Yeah, I'm back at school today so I will be moaning lots as-per-usual. (should that be hifenated?(OMGSPELLING))
(We're in bracket city today)
I just had a cup of tea, and it was bottom of the kettle water so it was all lime-scaley. Mmm.

I should have loads to tell you about the last 5 days of my super-social-special-awesome life.
(We're in Hifen city too)
I don't, i didn't do much except complain about my lack of netz on twitter when i had free texts.
Yay, for lots of comments and subscribers and that, while I was gone <3

I really need to stop saying that.



Lawrence said...


Samantha Downing said...

If it makes you feel better, I don't know EXACTLY what hiatus means, either. I've only seen it used in context of websites, etc., though. I think your definition was right.

Don't you HATE being without internet? It feels like you're going to DIE.... okay, maybe not that extreme, but almost.