Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I was suposed to be productive today. I was going to go into school and print lots of photos, then go into town and give out loads of CVs, but I woke up feeling so sick, so I did neither.
I got alot media work done though so that's alright. I still feel quite sick, I really need to sort myself out. I'm so unhealthy that I just get ill every other day.
I may go job hunting tomorrow if I feel any better, I need to buy some glue aswell. This is just turning into a to-do list now :)
I'm chewing on a paperclip. That's healthy.
I want to film stuff for a video I've been making for about a week now, I just look disgusting :( Even though I've spent quite a while on this video, it's still going to be as shit as the rest, so don't be expecting anything good >_<
I've recently rekindled my love for the website 'Deviant Art' You should well check out my page ;) http://livingintheshadows.deviantart.com/ Ignore the username D: I made it when I was 14.

Okay, that's what's up with me. How about YOOH?


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