Friday, 6 February 2009


Hello, It's freezing. I'm wearing just about all the clothes I own and I'm still extremely cold. Outside isn't fun any more, alot of the snow has melted so everywhere is either wet, or is covered in grey slush.
I haven't been up to very much I suppose. Got my photography exam topic yesterday, which is 'Discord' Hatehatehate :(
I've been drinking SO much hot chocolate it can't be natural. I don't know where I've got this craving from. At least it's better than eating loads of junk every 5 minuites. Saying that though, next to me I have both hot chocolate and a yumyum. Egypt diet is failing.
The bus I got back from town was ace, it was a new hightech one with a tv and cushy seats. I pretended I was on a rollercoaster. I lead a fun packed life...
My nose is burning, is this natural? Every time I yawn or if I'm about to sneeze my nose burns. Owie :( It also did it the other day when I was watching pulp fiction and the Mia woman snorts the Heroin thinking it was coke. I was like WTF? this is a film, go away burny nose. Maybe it's trying to convince to become a druggie.
I'm realling finding it hard to write this, words arn't coming out properly. So I shall stop.

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