Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday the 13th.

Seeing as I'm horribly superstitous and terrified of everything, I wasn't terribly enthusiastic to get out of bed this morning. I supose nothing too bad happened.
This morning most of my 'crew' (crew meaning, my group of friends who joined through nerdiness and are also very lovely) went to Bhs to have breakfast because two of them work there and we all managed to get an 8 peice fry up £1.50 each using their staff discounts :D:D However on the way back we absent mindedly got on the bus the wrong way and went to tescos and had to walk up a massive hill to get back to school, barely in time for triple history.
At lunch alot of my friends left to go on a Ski trip over the whole of half term which sucks because I couldn't afford it and am very jelous. It's alright though 'cos my friends: Jenny, Imo and Geo didn't go either so we are having a girlie night tomorrow by going drive through macdonalds, then watching a film and eating ice cream <33
At least it will stop me from posting a depressing tweet every 5 seconds tomorrow.
Just as long as I don't get any bad luck it will all be peachy.

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