Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentines night.

I had a lovely time with my girlies, being sad and single in Macdonalds but laughing at the couples who had chosen Macdonalds to spend valentines day xD We drove around most of our area of Surrey singing all the songs on MagicFm and then got lost in a dodgy part of Wimbledon and thought we were all going to get raped. Funtimes. It was just like a movie :)
We then went back to Jenny and Imo's house and watched Dark Knight whilst eating After eight Ice cream <33
Got in about 12 and went to bed at like 1 but I think all the Ice cream infected my brains as I had a really weird dream. I was in Devon where I usually go with family friends in the summer and my friends Alice, Izzie and I had found a lagoon type thing and were just taking pictures of it and singing Kimya Dawson songs. Then there was an alert that a serial killer had escaped and then everyone just started disapearing until I was alone. Then I woke up. It was horrible :(
I've put aside today to just do nothing at all :) As I will be spending most of this week doing coursework.
I hope YOU have a nice day ^-^

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Is there really a "dodgy part" of Wimbledon? I bets it pretty tame compared with where I live.