Thursday, 12 February 2009


So I just finished writing a media essay and not only is it the worst essay ever, it's also written in the worst hand writing ever. Now usually I wouldn't complain 'cos I know my writing is terrible, It's literally like I'm having some sort of stroke while I write it, but yeah. I could type it up, but it was really long, instead you can have an extract from it, to look at the appallingness.

OH DEAR, it might make some babies cry. Oh, if someone manages to read that they are going to be even more unimpressed. I haven't checked the grammar, DON'T JUDGE ME.

You can tell I have nothing to talk about. I'm finding it hard to hard to find stuff to blog about everyday.

Ah well, enjoy this nonsense.

Does anyone else find it really annoying that when you put images into a blog, everything becomes double spaced? >:[

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