Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Good evening,
I should probably have a shower after I write this, I most likely smell like the streets. It's so bloody comman where I live, completely disgraaaaceful. LULZ, I'll just smell up this blog for a while.
I have mountains of work which would be a much better use of my time, but my procrastination genes mean that I can't do any work untill the free lesson previous. IT'S A SICKNESS I TELL YE
If you actually read this you must thing I'm proper weird.
I'm meeting up with clare from youtubian land this weekend so I can make her a vlog.
I'm making a video for some twin friends of mines birthday. (brain is not functioning, sorry for lack of sentance structure)

Oh i do hate capitals, why do I use them? I'll prolly evil someone in a blogtv chat later for using caps
ah well
I say 'ah well' too much aswell.
Mayyybe I should leave you be now.
YES I AM GOING TO BED AT 7:19 what of it?!?!
stopit with the caps you slag
okay bye <3

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