Saturday, 29 November 2008

Why do cameras hate me?

Okay, I'm in a bit of a kaffufal :( I seem to have developed a black whole somewhere. I had an SLR camera I need to do the black and white portion of my photography coursework, and I keep it safely next to my school bag. It's now dissapeared.
I have the school digital camera as it is a few more megapixels than mine and I've lost the case for it somewhere in my house, but I'm not sure how as I put the camera back in the case after...
I've also nearly killed said camera because I put normal batteries in it instead of rechargable ones and it spazzed out and the lens wouldn't retract.
Said re-chargable batteries where in the camera, and now arn't and I have no idea where they have gone as there was no reason to remove them.
And finally my own camera which is also partly the rest of my families can now only hold approximatly four photos because the memory card has vanished out of it.
Why the hell would anyone/I remove it?
I'm SO confused.

This is a lovely STRESS filled blog entry because I have loads of photography work due on monday and I can't do it without the SLR, thats the one I'm most concerned about :(
I also have food poisoning and can't be at the gatheing today because of it :(
I'm not actually that stressed, just a tad annoyed :)

In other news 3 people who I haven't spoken two in AGES all started up convo's with me on msn today, which odd but very lovely none the less. Oh the debates of college and sixth form :)



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