Saturday, 8 November 2008


Since starting this whole video blogging malarky, I haven't sat back and looked at a video and gone, 'Oh I really like that' Mostly because none of them are any good, they are just me chatting shit at a screen. So I set it upon myself to think of some good ideas for videos. I have two ideas at the moment, they're not the best things ever (certainly nothing to write home about)
Since no one actually reads this, I can tell you here and it may still be a small surprise for my subscribers ^-^
1. Dream Diary
About a year ago I started writing down some of my dreams, they're all from about june/july 2007 and they are proper odd, so I thought I would share some of those :D Not the most exciting thing, but it's another insight into my strange world. I'm also gonna try and convince others try it, and I'll start again so you can here some of my current dreams, which are mostly about youtube because that's what I seem to be on before i go to bed.

2. Daily life of UK nerdfighter.
Just a little fun project I thought I'd try because there is so much you can do with it. Just everything that would be contained within a week for being a UK Nerdfighter. Maybe completely RABBASH but I'm gonna work hard on it to try and make it watchable :D

a little insight into my ideas for the moment, but I won't be starting anything untill next week as I have many a piece of coursework I have to do.


Okay, I'll never say that again

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