Monday, 19 January 2009


Hello I am blogging in school as youtube and twitter are blocked.
Everyone is looking at me quite strange. I have a school email now, so I'm playing on that.
I have to wait for my brother to finish Eclipse before I can read it. We both have slow eyes, this will take a while. It's making me depressed that I can't read it RIGHT now. It's taken over my life.
It's official:
I am completly and utterly obsessed with Twilight.
Oh dear this isn't good. I can already feel the Twilight shaped hole (that I was warned by lex would arrive) appearing. Once I've read all the books, I may go insane :)
So yeah, blogging in school is wierd.
I wish twitter was un-blocked.
I wish I had credit to ring someone, as I have two hours free till registration.
I wish I was a fictional character.
Oh, this sounds very depressing.
I assure you I'm not nearly that suicidal xD

BAI <3

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Samantha said...

Savor the books while you can! Once you finish them, you will feel lost. ^_^