Friday, 1 May 2009


Actually, contrary to the title of this blog-post I wasn't actually anti-BEDA but since I try to blog everyday anyway I thought I could use the oppertunity to have a month off.
Oh, and in case you are vert confused by this whole thing 'BEDA' stands for 'blog everyday in April'. From that it's pretty self explanitory.
So wait, let's see what I've done since March 31st
Well, firstly I went to Egypt as many excited tweets and blog posts would have led you to believe and it was actually one the best experiences of my life. I went with my three most wonderful friends in the whole wide world. Stayed in a five star hotel with all inclusive food and drink. Our rooms were right near the pool so I didn't walk ANYWHERE for the whole week. The hotel also had a stretch of private beach which was SO pretty and there were coral reefs like 2ft into the water. We went snorkling and saw Nemo and Dory fish which got me ridiculously excited but then I saw a jellyfish and refused to go back in the water. In the evenings we just hung around in the resturent and tried the different flavours of Shisha, except I'm a pathetic excuse for a person so i couldn't make it bubble. All the hotel staff called us 'The four Cats' as apparantly there is an Egyption band called that who we were convinced must be made up of trannies. Overall, it was just amazing and I've never laughed so much in such a short space of time.
Oh yeah, the plane was the most horrible thing that ever happened to me in my whole life.

Mostly I've just been exam stressing and trying not to fail my whole life, which so far is going quite badly. On the plus side this week was my last photography exam so apart from the fact I'm almost dead, I'm happy as I no longer have any examinations for photography. Just as long as I pass...
I bought my prom dress the other day. I've been helping organise prom and it is actually going to be the most shockingly terrible thing that ever happened so there wasn't much point in going all out for it. So I bought a nice purple dress from ASOS for £14. I also felt bad because my mum said she would pay for it and I didn't want her to spend too much.
Thinking of prom and exams reminds me that I'm leaving school soon. I suppose I am looking forward to not having to wake up early and walk through the cold to be moaned at because I haven't been to one lesson out of 50. Though, I have been there for the last seven years of my life and I know the most amazing people. It sucks that we have to split up to go to separate Uni's all over the country. I'm going to miss it, and everyone so much.
I'm also going to miss how lame and nerdy my friends and I are. Who else can quote Harry Potter every sentence and watch middle aged programmes starring 40 year old coppers in the 80's who you all find creepy fit?
Sound the ramble alarm. Beep.
This is what you get for not having a month of blog posts to read, and if you've made it this far, hats of to you Sir...or lady...

I have some ideas for videos which I probably won't get round to making until after my exams but they are the kinds of videos that would look so much better if someone else did them. You'll just have to put up with my awkward face trying.

I suppose that's all I'll say for now as you have you're lives to get back to and I have some Ashes to Ashes to watch.
See you tomorrow spring chicken.

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