Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I’m in school, supposed to be writing an essay. Oh, looks like I’m writing a blog instead.
I’ve eaten too much cake today, I feel very sick but lemon cake is goooood. My media teacher keeps trying to look over my shoulder to see how I’m doing. She’s wondering what program I am using to type my essay. She is not very computer literate, or intelligent for that matter. Bless.
I realise that sentence makes me sound like the most arrogant fool of dick’ead town. I am completely unintelligent and fail at everything, so it’s all good :)
Soon I shall be free from the universe and life itself after all my exams are done. This pleases me greatly. I can pursue my hobbies of sitting around and drinking tea without any interruptions.
My media teacher smells of baked beans. She always smells like them. I dislike beans. She’s the type of person who gets all up in ya’ grill unnecessarily and breathes her beany odour into my mouth. Dislike, dislike, dislike.
Okay, I should really get on with my essay now before I fail at evern more things in my life. Cheerful.

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