Tuesday, 5 May 2009

May the fifth you.

Shit. I was supposed to do that joke yesterday. If I had remembered to write a blog. This non-Beda stuff has thrown me off, I'll try and write something everyday, even if it's just a sentence. Remind me won't you?
I'm so close to finishing my A level education it's scary.
I also have an unhealthy addiction and obsession. I wouldn't tell you if this blog got more than -1 views but since it does here we go.
Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.
They are actually THE best programmes ever, and I'm actually an old woman. Not just a middle aged woman now. OLD.
Me and my friends now meet every monday night to watch ashes to ashes on Rachel's overly large surround sound HD TV. We eat dorritos and smoke shisha. That makes me sound even more lame like 'YEAH WE SMOKED WELL LOADZA SHISHA LAST NIGHT AND WAS WASTED ON ORANGE JUICE'
After fun times in Egypt Rachel and Jenny bought a shisha pipe of our own so we can be nostalgic. The icky leafy stuff has no tobacco and nicotine either. So basically it's healthy for you.
Dear kids, smoking of any sort is not big or clever.
Actually, I'm really against smoking of all sorts anyway. I'm sure I'll realise that I dislike the shisha soon enough. The smoke is very pretty though, and like imitating the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland ^_^
I digress.
...Sorry, what...?
Jenny is buying me a T-shirt that says 'FIRE UP THE QUATTRO' for my early birthday present <33333

Oh dear, why are you reading this?

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iamthepond said...

Well that was a stream of conciousness. BETH?! AN? AN?- ADDICT?! yh lol it is just flavoured smoke to compliment arabic dining so I'll let you off haha oh & u me dear are gonna get me in trouble so shhhtm please x