Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I do love my IRL friends sometimes. Last night I was just about to get in the shower when I got a call from my friend Jenny to come to her house and watch Mamma mia. My immediate thought was 'umm, well... I am just about to get in the shower...and charlie's gonna be on blogtv in a sec...' Then I thought, I haven't seen most of my friends for ages, so I might aswell. So I got picked up by Geo in my pajamas and we collected a few more friends on our way. We also took a detour to Morden Road where the whole street decorate their houses BRILLIANTLY which was lovely ^_^
Then we had a evening of watching Mamma mia and Hairspray, and eating pasta :D
Then got a lift back about 12.30, singing in the style of Pierce Brosnan all the way ^_^

I'm really going miss everyone so much when I go to Uni.
If I get into Uni...

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