Saturday, 27 December 2008

Take That - The Circus.

I'm currently fangirling over Take That's new album 'The Circus'. I've listened to 10 out of 12 songs now. Now I'm on the 11th and they are all completely amazing. I love their first album (Of the new Take That era) and this one is even better I think. I know most people who read this will just be like 'PSHH boyband junk, NO FANKS' but I do recommend just listening to it if you get the chance, there's gotta be at least one song you like :]
Gary Barlow is an amazing song writer. He writes the types of songs that make my heart hurt a little.
'How did it come to this' and 'Hello' are easily my favourite songs at the moment but now listening to track tweleve 'Here' It's also sounding amazing.
I tried to write this without saying 'amazing' too much.
I've said it twice.
You've had enough of me talking nothing now, and I know I can't write reviews or be persuasive in any way, but please have a listen :)

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