Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas festivities.

Hello, I've had a wonderful day. I didn't get as much as some people but I got alot more than most.
Things of note are; a David Tennant Badge, Take That's new album, Outnumbered series one on dvd, new jeans, jumper and a hat.
I'm also contemplating blowing all the money I got on a Jack Wills hoody. But for someone who's unemployed during the credit crunch, I really need to save the money.

I had some lovely conversations with my Grampa:
Him: So, you're seventeen now? What's your boyfriends name?
Me: I don't have one at the moment.
Him: WHAT?! Why not?
Me: I don't know, I must just be that unappealing.
Him: Hmm... -nods-

I'm sure he thinks I'm 'One of those lesbians'

Him: When you go to those clubs, do you dance like this?
-punches his hands in the air-
Me: Yes, yes we do.

He's a strange man...

We drank out of glasses I decorated.

Being a media student, as we watched Doctor Who, I had to notice the amazing angles and Mise en scène during the funeral scene. I do like abit of Doctor Who :)

I'm wearing Christmas 'Jama bottoms :D

Thankyou for being nice enough to read this far. Have a lovely year ^^


tina-thor said...

Merry Christmas and Happy new year !

NadiraRollerBlades said...

lol your grampa is funny
merry x-mas to you too♥

LiamSP said...

"One of those lesbians" XP

Hope you had a bloomin' good Christmas day - you deserve it.

Liam <3

Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

Hey Beth,

I didn't know you are a media student. I love blogs as a way of learning more about people.

I study digital media and do exactly the same as you when watching films and TV and start to analyze things. It annoys the hell out of me when I realise I am doing it!