Thursday, 4 December 2008

You know I don't even have anything to say at the moment, I just wanted to post a new blog because I want to keep updating it. Lets just roll with it.
I may be sending off my UCAS tomorrow if my teacher agrees that my personal statement isn't still shite, and then I will be one step closer to my chance at higher education. Oh joy.
Atm I'm applying to...(gets Ucas wesite up)....In alphabetical order; Bath spa, Bedforshire, Bucks, Greenwich and Portsmouth :) To do film and television production
Lets ask mummy if thats good with her...
It is :D
I'll send it tomorrow then, that's settled. If anyone else if applying to any of those, tell me please!
I need to start revising and stop writing blogs, but it's a lovely way to speak what my minds saying without talking to myself :)
Tariff points, interviews, conditional offers, I'M GOING INSANE

Moving on swiftly my house is full of ill, everyone is sneezing and coughing and I know I'm going to get it 'cos I have the worst imune system EVER. I can already feel some kind of throat problem arriving.
I have triple History tomorrow
I have lots of History essays
History is usually full of giggles so tomorrow shouldn't be too bad.

I want animal crossing on wii
I best finish this blog, it's a really long post of me saying nothing.
Sorry for wasting your time ^_^

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