Friday, 19 December 2008


I haven't posted a blog in quite a while, mostly because I've had some flu bug thing, but now I have TWO followers on this blog so i must fulfil your Beth needs :P
I was forced into school today and nearly died T_T and I was going to write a blog there but people kept asking what I was doing and If I had said 'Blogging' they would have thought I was odder than I am already.
I'm completly gutted that because of this bug I can't go to my friends' 18th tonight. Limo up to London and everything, but I would just be miserable the whole time :(
Thanks to Lex and the p4a now have 75 subscribers which is AMAMZING :) I'm going to make some sort of creative video saying thanks as soon as I'm better.
Last day of school today so did nothing but had to go in to collect my exam certificates. Also got my secret santa present which was a Charlie the Unicorn t-shirt xD
chriiiistmassss ^_^
Okay I'm going to go back to sleep, bai<3

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Ash said...

hey beth, put a followers bit on you page so i can follow your blog.XD