Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Badly written boy.

I'm going to save the world with my flipflops. They told me so, they are made of 100% recycled materials.
On my way home the crazy Jamacan man called Sebastian who lives down my road and sits outside his house smoking all day, decided to talk to me. He asked my name, I told him. He now calls me 'Bess' NO, THAT IS NOT WHAT I SAID OLD MAN
I'm scared of him and his deckchair.
Lulz 'Old man' I'm really not that horrible :(
OMG MONOPOLY IS BACK IN MACDONALDS, this is the best news ever. Today I won a free apple pie, a free porridge and a free Mcchicken sandwhich. WINWINWIN
I also had the chance to buy a MASSIVE box of creame eggs from the 99p store but I resisted. Stupid Egypt diet D: Saying that though, I did eat at macdonalds today. So I lose anyway.

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Samantha Downing said...

I am laughing that McD's serves porridge in the UK. I think people would faint from shock if McD's started serving porridge here.