Thursday, 12 March 2009


I wrote a blog in school but then realised how pathetic and whiney I am and deleted it. So here I am at home now and I had quite a nice day.
Media teacher didn't show up so I had a double free this morning and made posters for our prom fund-raising thing at lunch. Got alot of work done in photography that's due in for monday. Had lots of luls at lunch doing our 'lucky lollies' stall but on the poster I wrote 'lollys' and the grammar was eating me up. I seriously think I'm slowly getting more and more OCD.
My sisters now making me hot chocolate 'cos she knows that I'm feeling down even if I don't let anyone on to that fact <3

Magic, is when a whole room of people simultaneously burst into song. ^_^

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Samantha Downing said...

Sisters are very good at that kind of thing. I'm pretty well covered in that case - I have three.

And I agree with your assessment of magic. Have you seen Enchanted? Yeah. Magic. Haha! But I love it. ^_^