Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Would you like a white moment?

So you know that thing that happens in every farcical (It's a word nao) sitcom or movie where someone says something unintentionally mean about someone else, and they happen to be standing right behind them?
Yeah, that happened to me three times today.
This is actually turning into Fmylife but in blog form xD
I didn't even mean to be horrible, but incinuated that one person was a paedofile and I called another a prick. It was in a jokey 'oh they're such a prick for leaving their hench folder in my seat' moment, but she didn't take it very well.
This makes me sound like such a bitchy person. Oh dear.

I'm eating kellogs crunchy nut. It's good. It's a special 'nutty' brand, but I thought the point of this cereal was that it was nutty in the first place. Just cornflakes with asorted nuts. This probably has more nuts. Okay, I'll stop saying nuts now.

You'd think that going to an all girls school would mean all we talk about in the common room is clothes, peoples lack of correct clothes and boys hair. In actual fact I spent a whole hour talking to 4 of my lovely friends about none of these things. I won't elaborate too much, but some key words were; pingpong balls, squirting, SHAZAM, fisting and 'white moments'.
Oh wait, this sounds like I go to a major lesbian school xD
The day ended with my camp history teacher telling us how much he likes weaving.

I've finished my cereal, bad times.

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