Monday, 16 March 2009

A blog that isn't two lines. Yay.

Oh hello there, isn't it nice how the sun puts everyone in a brilliant mood. Today I gave in all my photography prep work so that's all done, however straight after I was given my next exam paper so bad times.
I was going to write a history essay during my free 4th but then found out it doesn't have to be in until Friday so I spent an hour sitting on a bench in the sun with Rachel talking about all the fun times we will have in Egypt. Procrastination win.
I'm so very excited about my upcoming trip to Egypt, two weeks tomorrow :DD I'm also terrified 'cos that means it's also two weeks and a day until my first ever plane trip. You would think I'm exaggerating if I said I'm going to burst into tears the moment it takes off. I'm not. Heights are the worst thing EVER, just looking up at planes reminds me how high we are actually going to be and I feel like I'm going to collapse. This is going to be very interesting.
I got home and had a yummy bowel of Crunchy nut clusters and read Harry Potter in the Garden.
Just now I sorted out some holiday clothes which is making me EVEN MOAR EXCITED :) And then I did some sit ups because I'm disgustingly obese.
And now I'm here, talking to you, and I have no work to do tonight. Well, I'm not going to do any work tonight ^-^
I hope you're having a happy day too <3

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