Sunday, 22 March 2009

My views.

It's mothers day. I gave my mum a card I made with some nice messages in it. She told me it made her sad 'cos I mentioned it being the last Mothers day I'll be living at home for. This ontop of Jade Goody dying made me burst into tears in front of my whole family.
I was never her biggest fan, she never did anything that I would consider an achievement to look up to. It's still hit me quite hard because she was still a person. A person with hopes and feelings even if they were paraded in front of us. I think the attention on Cervical cancer that has been produced from this is so good. There are critics saying she's not the only person in the world with cancer, so why should she get all this attention? But the fact is she was getting the attention for all the right reasons. In her position, wouldn't you want to do the same? Having no shame and the ability to create publicity for herself was the way she made money, so using it to secure a future for her sons and create the focus on the issue that is cervical cancer. It's like if your talent was hairdressing, you would cut as much hair as you could to raise enough money.
I don't agree with some of the things she did, nor did I see her as any kind of role model, but I can still apreciate her as a human being and mourn for what is happening to people's lives everyday.

This was just in response to some of the negativity I've seen. Especially one of my 'friends' who updated his facebook status with 'Woop! She's finally dead'. It actually made me feel disgusted that I know him.
There. I've had my say. If you disagree, don't bother commenting. I have no interest in hearing how the loss of a life can be positive.

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Samantha Downing said...

*hug* I know what you mean.