Sunday, 8 March 2009


Oh dear, I didn't post a blog yesterday. Mow.
Okay so today is lex's 17th birthday so yesterday there was a mini gathering at her house which was lovely. People in attendance where Charlie, Alex, Becky, J0ames, Rosi, Ivens, Sophie, Ian, Milsom, and Chris from le youtubes, and Lex's friend Jenny who I met at uncliche and is lovely. it was very weird having everyone out of their screens and being so tall. We watched Harry Potter 2 and it was lovely as everyone said the lines xD
Was what not good was missing my last train after Sophie gave me and James a lift to the station with her superquick driving skillz. So I went with James on his train going to london and took a VERY long detour D:
For the amount of people with laptops there was not much computering and for the amount of muscians there were not many songs. Just one which was Charlie's present for lex. It was amazing xD
Okay, I'll stop rambling on nao. Bai.

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