Monday, 2 March 2009

Double Photography

Hii, I'm the middle of my photography lesson, so naturally I'm bored and am going to write a blog. I'm supposed to be finding pictures to illustrate a mind map at the moment. Since when did mind maps need illustrations?
My regular teacher is ill, she's quite nice aswell. The evil teacher who I have once a week has decided to oversee what I'm doing aswell as try and stop 30 year 10s from having a paint fight. She has also informed me of just HOW ill my normal teacher is. TMI! It's not pretty D:
Oh dear, I needed to find a picture of a man dressed up as a woman but I typed 'Transexual' instead of 'Transvestite' into google images. That too was not pretty. I'm glad there is no one else in this classroom.
Just as a typed that evilhorribleteacher came in. It's alright though, she said well done for typing up lots of work when actually I'm just typing this xD
Oh, I also sneezed on her, that was fun.
This makes me sound like such a bratty student. I'm not usually. She's just a knob :)

I want to keep typing this so I don't have to get on with my work but I don't know what else to type :/
Mow, another hour to go, I'll see you on the other side.
I think I'll go and masking tape my arm to my face :)

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Anonymous said...

"She's just a knob :)"

Ah, Beth, you are simply bursting with the kind of wit this country is missing.